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The aluminium industry is a key industry in the Middle East. Aluminium production is growing in the region- the only growing region in the world. From this industry there is waste bi-products that need to be recycled. Environmental governing bodies are stating the recycling of aluminium waste stream now needs to be a closed loop process - no waste.

There are three waste streams from aluminium production which need recycling :

  • Aluminium Dross, which is skimmed from the top of the molten metal,

  • Salt cake or salt slag, which is a bi-product from the dross recycling process when using salt,

  • Spent Pot lines (SPL) which is a waste from the smelting process

​AJC Consultancy has partnered with a number of leading technology providers to ensure the future processing of aluminium waste streams is a closed loop process. 

Firstly, do not create hazardous waste. AJC Consultancy has surveyed the aluminium dross technology available and have identified the best equipment producing a primary product - molten aluminium, and a secondary product which can be used in the cement industry.

Secondly, if salt cake is produced AJC Consultancy has options to process this waste.

Finally, we have contact with two companies who have pilot pants to recycle the SPL. 

Other Recycling initiatives

  • Tyre recycling, to convert to for roads, safe play areas and also use of pyrolysis to capture oil, carbon black, etc

  • Medical waste recycling, bulk one use plastic overalls, sheets to be transformed to plastic blocks for reuse.

  • Food waste recycling, reduce and reuse as fertiliser. The Middle East has one of the highest food waste per capita

  • General MSW recycling

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