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Business Management & Strategic Development

AJC Consultancy has over 50 years of management experience in Fortune 100 companies. We know how to develop & set effective long term goals & strategies and how to implement initiatives & programs to achieve them. AJC consultancy has relevant experience in the following areas :

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Quality (ISO)

  • Digiitlisation

  • Project Management

  • BI & Analytics

  • Management training & Development

  • Investment Evaluations

  • Business & Financial Analysis

System Solutions

  • System Selection - Software, Systems & Computer Programs are critical requirements in todays business world Its all too easy to get caught up in elaborate and costly systems that result in poor ROI. AJC Consultancy can assess your business needs and recommend solutions that add value to your business. AJC Consultancy is not affiliated with one specific software provider so we offer an honest impartial assessment.

  • Solution Preparation - you cannot force growth. If the business is not ready to advance, project timelines will be extended & deadlines missed resulting in unsatisfied users. AJC Consultancy can provide the initial assessment and prepare your business for change to allow for efficient & effective implementations

    • access current business processes​

    • Evaluate readiness for change

    • Gather business requirements

    • Identify hardware / software requirements

  • Solution Implementation - AJC Consultancy can serve as Project Manager. We will look closely with your technical team & users to ensure timelines are met. We can also assist in building relevant test scripts & facilitate user testing. AJC Consultancy can provide user training as required.

    • Project management​

    • End to end user acceptance testing

    • Training

  • Solution Support - the real questions come after go live. Ajc consultancy can remain on site after the programmers have completed their functions to ensure the implementation is effective and successful​

    • Continuous Improvement​

    • Business process re-engineering

    • Change management.

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