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AJC Consultancy is a partnership between Andrew & Michael. Dave is our key consultant regarding Casting & Recycling


Andrew Curnow

Managing Director

Key area of expertise include :

  • Financial Management

  • Financial Reporting & Variance Analysis

  • Profitability Analysis & the Importance of Cost Control

  • Systems Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Investment Decision Analysis, ROI, Payback, Cashflow

  • Cost Reduction Programs, including lean six sigma, CI,BI

  • Identifying & Monitoring KPI's to give the Business Direction

  • Operations Understanding incl. Production Planning, Recycling Benefits, Supply Chain Management


Michaelangelo Frank

Business Development Director

Key areas of expertise :

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation

  • Supply Chain Expert

  • ERP Systems Implementations

  • Understanding of all aspects of the Business

  • Understands the importance of digitalisation

  • Able to Identify the KPI's required to effectively Manage the Business

  • Understands the Importance of Employee Involvement

  • Ability to work with all levels of the Organisation

  • Able to mentor employees

  • Able to give training in Lean Management


David Bateman

Recycling & Casting Consultant

Key areas of expertise :

  • Safety expert

  • Alloying

  • Furnace preparation

  • Energy Consumption

  • Metal Transfer & Delivery

  • Melt Loss

  • Degassing & Chlorine Removal

  • Filtration

  • DC Casting & Open Mold Casting

  • Dross Reduction & Control

  • Liquid Metal Quality

  • Process Control

  • Global Specifications

  • Refractory & Consumables

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