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AJC Consultancy can provide solutions to recycling problems whether they are aluminium waste streams such as dross and SPL or other environmental solutions in areas such as food, medical, tires, plastics or even municipal solid waste (MSW). Waste to energy is the way froward in transforming our daily waste into renewable energy.

AJC Consultancy will bring the solution, the project, the project offer & management and the start up .... SPOMS !!

  • Solutions :

    • The best options for Dross & Spent Pot Liners Recycling.

    • New technology

    • Patented technology

    • on site with nil investment or sub contracted solutions 

  • The Project

    • What is the problem ?​

    • What are the options available ?

    • Is it an investment or environmental project ?

    • Do the financials make sense ?

  • The project Offer & Management

    • Feasibility study ​

    • Agreement with the customer

    • Provide Gantt chart & key milestone targets

    • Project manage time, resource and budget

    • Delivery the project

  • Start Up

    • Be part of the start up team

    •  Engage the quality and experienced engineers to ensure timely start up

      • no hiccups​

      • and done safely

    • All documentation for SOP provided to ensure continuation of ​operation effectively

    • Project sign off

    • Full after project sign off support offered

This is the full SPOMS process .....

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