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Who we are & what we offer :
The goal of AJC Consultancy is to support SME's to find the right solutions for their business needs.

AJC Consultancy is a "partnership" but has a pool of knowledgeable consultants and expertise to support the business.
Our business can support through a number of different options:
  • Audit, review, recommendation and follow-up
  • Impartial business system recommendation and implementation with no fixed provider
  • Business improvement through analysis, reporting and audit
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities
  • The ability to call upon a large consultant talent pool including reliability, design, engineering, supply chain and operations
else can AJC Consultancy offer ? :
AJC Consultancy has gained expert knowledge and connections which allows us to offer services in other areas :
  • Recycling initiatives and projects, feasibility studies, project management and green and brown field start up
    • Aluminium dross, SPL, tyres, food and general waste solutions
  • Unique product, services and materials through partnering with innovative suppliers
    • Online cleaning services, storage shelters, solar energy and water treatment
  • Metal sourcing 
    • aluminium master alloys, RSI, dross, UBC's and different scrap grades
  • Supply full time and temporary labour from senior management to shop floor operatives
AJC Consultancy is a small consultancy firm, hands on and proud to be part of the customer team.
We are always available for follow up reviews - THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY
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